Water Water Water! How water affects YOUR body.

Water Water Water! How water affects YOUR body.

Water and its amazing effects on our bodies

Are you aware that 60% of your body consists of water? Do you consume the recommended amount of water? The recommended figure for this can vary depending upon your sex, weight, living climate, activity participation, and age. Generally speaking, women are advised to consume 90 ounces and men 125 ounces daily.

It has been said water functions like oil in a machine within the human body. It works vitally with our circulation, digestion and nervous system. With the average human losing approximately 64 ounces of water through perspiration it’s no longer surprising such a large amount is recommended to be replaced daily to optimize the functioning of our bodies. Remember your body will sweat constantly even without you realizing, in order to regulate your core temperature. This means your body could even be sweating while you’re sat watching TV!

So what exactly are these massive health benefits behind drinking so much water we ask?! Well, many say water will keep your organs healthy and it is even said to keep you looking younger for longer. Below is a handful of factors to why drinking water really benefits us.

Benefits of consuming water daily.

  • Weight loss- Although water alone will not make you lose weight, drinking a glass before and after a meal will help you feel more full up for longer. In consuming a good amount of water you aid in activating fiber. Fiber is often used in weight loss regimes.

  • Toxin removal- drinking plenty of water will help your body flush out harmful toxin that can even be consumed via certain foods we eat.

  • Organs function – Several organs within the human body consist of water. If you do not consume enough water your body will take it from other areas such as your hair and skin. If the organs still do not receive the water needed they will not function as they should. An example of this is the brain, it consists of around 90% fluid. You may receive symptoms such as headaches, tiredness and slower reaction times if you are not sufficiently hydrated.

  • Water can benefit your appearance too! In keeping your body hydrated you enable your skin, fingernails, and hair to stay hydrated and healthy. Due to this fact water has even been called the fountain of youth.

  • Water will also help in fighting common viruses such as a cold much faster. As cells mainly consist of water keeping them hydrated helps the work more effectively.

  • Easing the effort waking up! Making this your first-morning drink hydrates you better than tea and coffee!

  • Water contains no sugar! With sugar being found in many foods and drinks these days it helps to drink water and keep sugar intake down.

  • Drinking plenty of water will help keep things moving in your colon, helping reduce conditions like constipation occurring.

  • Did you realize drinking a large glass of water can refresh your mind state, and in turn make you feel happier.

  • Thirst is so often mistaken for hunger, so curb your appetite, and grab a glass of water first!

  • Reducing Your Risk of Disease- Keeping hydrated has been identified to reduce the risk of a lot of health issues, such as diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer.

Well, it can be a battle to stay hydrated. There are many tips out there in keeping your body hydrated, such as drinking through a straw as you will consume more water. Keeping a glass at your desk, bedside or frankly whatever room you are in. Whatever your method assure you drink plenty of water daily to aid in staying at optimum health!

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